• Houston Foundation Voids Repair

  • Do you have a void under your foundation?  - Houston Foundation Void Repair

  • If you have a void in your foundation, we utilize a foam product that we inject under the slab and raise the slab back to where it no longer is a low spot.

    Step 1: involves drilling a series of small holes in the affected concrete and injecting an expanding polyurethane foam to raise the sunken concrete.

    Step 2: as the foam reaches 90% of its final strength and rigidity in under 20 minutes, making it much faster and more efficient than mud-jacking or other techniques.

    This method provides outstanding strength and durability well being more environmentally friendly and less invasive than other concrete repair methods.

    Broken pipes in a foundation will cause your base soil that your slab is sitting upon to create voids that become stressed under the weight of the structure.

    By filling in these voids with a foam, we return the slab to its original design by the builder.

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