• Houston Grass – St Augustine Grass – Bermuda & Zoysia Grass

  • We sell the following types of grasses delivered direct from our grass farm:


    Shade Loving St Augustine Grass - Palmetto Grass

    If your area is covered by trees, or your neighbors house is so tall it blocks sunlight into parts of your landscape, there is a specially grown turf that performs better in shady landscapes.

    This turf is called Palmetto.
    You must still receive a minimum of 5 hours of sunlight per day all at one time or scattered throughout the day.

    If your landscape does not get at least 5 hours a day you have a few options:
    • Plant the shade loving turf knowing it till eventually get thinner and thinner and one day disappear.
    • Switch your turf in your backyard regions to synthetic turf.
    • Redesign the landscape into a xeriscape looking landscape using gravels and plantings.
    • Redesign the landscape into a bird or butterfly sanctuary.


    Raleigh St. Augustine Grass

    Raleigh St. Augustine is a vigorous, medium green, medium textured lawn grass. It is known as carpet grass because it feels like carpet under your feet.


    Hot Weather Tolerance:  Good

    Shade Tolerance:  Good

    Wear Resistance:  Fair

    Salt Tolerance:  Good

    Recovery From Injury:  Fair

    Winter Color:  Moderate Dormancy

    Mowing Height:  2" Medium 

    *One Pallet covers 450 sq ft of area


    Common Bermuda Grass

    Texas Native Bermuda (or Common Bermuda) is a medium-textured, warm season perennial species with a creeping growth habit. It spreads by stolons and rhizomes and can grow where you don't want it!

    Once Common Bermuda is introduced or mixed into another variety, it is virtually impossible to eliminate. It grows rapidly during late spring, and summer, remains green into late fall and goes dormant after a hard frost.


    Hot Weather Tolerance:  Excellent

    Shade Tolerance:  Low

    Wear Resistance:  Excellent

    Salt Tolerance:  Very Good

    Recovery From Injury:  Excellent

    Winter Color:  Dormant

    Mowing Height:  1/2" - 1 1/2" 

    *One pallet covers 450 sq ft area



    There are several types of zoysia turf available today.

    The primary difference about zoysia turf is the grass grows horizontally rather than vertically.

    This means as the turf gets older and more mature your sod is woven very tight which eliminates the ability of weed seeds flying in the air to land and germinate.
    Brownpatch does not affect Zoysia Grass.

    Your purchase of zoysia eliminates the need to purchase fungicides each year to spray and control brown patch.


    Hot Weather Tolerance: Excellent

    Shade Tolerance: Good ( still need 6 plus hours of sunlight per day)

    Wear Resistance: Excellent

    Salt Tolerance: Excellent

    Recovery From Injury: Fair

    Winter Color: Moderate Dormancy

    Mowing Height: 1/2" - 1 1/2"

    *One Pallet covers 450 Sq Ft



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