• Lawn Aeration

  • Aeration for the Lawn

    To get even better results, we recommend you aerate the lawn prior to application.

    Yes, we also perform aeration service!

    A special aeration machine uses water pressure to inject into the soil profile and aerates and fractures the soil up to 6 inches deep and there is an aeration hole every three inches throughout the lawn; most lawns can be aerated for approximately $0.12 a square foot.

    Aeration needs to be repeated annually.

    We also have a premium aeration service that will reduce your water needs of your lawn by 50% or greater.

    The savings of water cover the cost of the service.

    Call us and we'll have a representative explain the program to you.

  • To speak with one of our lawn aeration experts, please call us at 281-558-9948