• Other Services We Provide

  • Note: For all services that we perform the minimum work order must be $500 or greater
    (Materials and Labor Costs)

    Landscape Materials Installation

    Mulches * Garden Soils * Sands * Pea Gravels * Road Bases *Palletized Grass *
    Granite & Black Star Gravel

    When you order material from Champion we can also install the products for you that we sell.

    See Price List For Installation Costs


    Synthetic Turf Installation

    Do you need to eliminate a muddy zone in your backyard?

    Do you have too much shade and grass does not grow?

    Do you have a pool and are tired of the grass maintenance causing too much debris?

    Pet Turf

    Putting Greens

    Sports Turf

    We install Synthetic Turf.

    Price Dependent on Type of Install and Size of Project

    Starting at $9 per square foot to $16 per square foot


    Pothole Repair

    Do you have a pothole in your cement parking lot?
    Do you have a pot hole in your asphalt parking lot?

    Let us help. We will repair your potholes for you.


    Do you need to construct a New Parking Area?

    Driveways * Road Ways * Parking Areas * Paths * RV Areas * Trails

    We do not use any cement to repair or build these areas, we utilize a non-toxic enzyme to blend into the existing soil and turn it as hard as cement. We can actually build you a dust free roadway that you can drive across with just your existing soil already on the property.


    Concrete Leveling

    Do you have sections of cement on a sidewalk or driveway that have moved?

    If one section of cement has sunk and now you have a unwanted depression that hold rainwater or becomes a speed bump to trip over or is a nuisance, we utilize a foam product that we inject under the slab and raise the slab back to where it no longer is a low spot or tripping hazard.

    As you can see in the photos above, a part of the driveway has not only broken, but soil has obviously washed out from under and the driveway has sunk.

    A sidewalk that through time has moved is a very dangerous tripping hazard.


    Foundations – Fill In Voids Under a Slab

    The same technology we utilize to raise a concrete slab or sidewalk is also utilized to fill in a void under a slab.

    Step 1: involves drilling a series of small holes in the affected concrete and injecting an expanding polyurethane foam to raise the sunken concrete.

    Step 2: as the foam reaches 90% of its final strength and rigidity in under 20 minutes, making it much faster and more efficient than mudjacking or other techniques.

    This method provides outstanding strength and durability well being more environmentally friendly and less invasive than other concrete repair methods.

    Broken pipes in a foundation will cause your base soil that your slab is sitting upon to create voids that become stressed under the weight of the structure. By filling in these voids with a foam, we return the slab to its original design by the builder.



  • To arrange any of our services or if you have additional questions, please call us at 281-558-9948