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    We do not use any cement to repair or build these areas, we utilize a non-toxic enzyme to blend into the existing soil and turn it as hard as cement.

    We can actually build you a dust free roadway that you can drive across with just your existing soil already on the property.

    (Below picture shows a Stabilized Soil ( hard as concrete) that will not wash away, can be driven on , has no dust)

  • We can take your existing soil and make it hard as concrete
    Or if you prefer we can do the same with  masonry sand, decomposed granite or limestone base material
    After our enzyme is added to the desired material, in 2 days after the liquid evaporates, you have a solid surface that becomes all one giant piece.
    The photo below is an example of how this enzyme works. Come to our office to touch these samples.
  • To speak with one of our parking area construction experts, please call us at 281-558-9948