• Houston Roadbase – Crushed Limestone Roadbase

  • We sell the following types of road base:

     Crushed Limestone Road Base

    A crushed limestone 1 3/4 inch and smaller size pieces down to the size of microscopic particles are used in road building throughout the world.

    Color is light blond or tan in color.

    Limestone base is produced from solid rock. It is blasted, crushed and screened to ultimately arrive at final product.

    Road base material is used as a driveway surface all on its own. Before applying road base to the existing soil you need to insure it will not sink into the lower soil layers.

    A minimum of 2 inches of clay needs to be set up as base before applying the road base material in place.

    You can also accomplish the same by using geo fabric to lay prior to laying down your base material.

    The geo fabric stops any soil movement of your limestone base from disappearing down into the lower soil levels.


    Compact the limestone base after placement to insure a tight water impervious surface.



    Crushed Concrete Road Base

    Recycled concrete that has been ground down to a road base material. When it lays in place it gets harder and harder as the concrete melds tighter together.

    One major disadvantage: when you drive across this type of roadbase is it leaves a large dust plume the air. You now have to spend money on dust control or eat dust every time a vehicle crosses the roadway.

    Best method is to use this as the bottom percentage of your road base project and cap the crushed concrete with a limestone base material to eliminate the dust plumes.


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