• Houston Sand – Delivery Available

  • We sell the following types of sand in the Houston area:

    Masonry Sand

    Choose from 2 masonry sands based on your needs:

    1) A Washed White Sand

    Used in playground areas and volleyball courts.


    2) An Opaque Tan Color Sand

    Great for pavers and wet spots.

    Also used for brick mortar.


    Sharp Sand

    Also know as concrete sand.

    Meets ASTM C33 Fine Aggregate Specification

    A sharp feel to the sand.

    A larger sand granule that allows moisture to percolate faster through the soil.

    Used for drainage.


    Bank Sand

    Basic sand that has a yellowish color to it.

    Used for fill material or to build a base under concrete.

    No nutritional value.

  • Select Fill

    Clay that has been pulled from a sand pit.
    Sizes of the clay will vary from a clod the size of a softball to a clod as big as a basketball.

    Most common usage is to vibrate clay down with a vibratory compactor or a dozer to build a clay base pad before laying concrete or adding road base material.

    Is most cost effective method of filling up large holes

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